Alex Gaskarth Imagine: The Project - by Erica


I’m not sure why, but I love writing the guys in high school. Hope you like this one!

              You sat in your physics class staring blankly at the wall. Your teacher started to explain the project you will be doing and you tuned right out. Everything he was saying was written right on the instruction sheet he gave you anyway.

                “Y/N,” your teacher’s voice cut into your random thoughts. You looked up to him to show you were actually listening now. “You will be working with…” he paused glancing down at his class list, “Alex.”

                You looked over at the lab table next to you where Alex was sitting. He shot you a small smile before looking back down at his notebook. You weren’t exactly close with him, but you got along just fine. He was in most of your classes too, so you had to get along with him. He was one of those school friends that you hung out with in your classes, but not much outside of school. You kinda wish you did, but you could never see yourself fitting with the rest of his friends.

                After everyone was paired up you were allowed to talk with your partner and plan out your project. You picked up your books and moved over to Alex’s table.

                “Which project do we want to do?” you asked as you looked back down at the project description. You had five different options on what to build.

                “How about we do this matchbox guitar? I know a thing or two about string instruments,” he said proudly.

                “Yes, but do you know the physics part of them?” you said with a laugh.

                “That’s where you come in,” he said placing a hand on your shoulder.

                “I don’t think so, Gaskarth. You’re not dumping all the work on me this time.” Back in your sophomore year you two had to do a biology project together and he ended up basically doing nothing. Maybe that was okay in the long run considering biology was not his strong point.

                “I promise I’ll actually do something this time. I understand this a little better than biology.”

                “Whatever you say…when do you want to work on this? Friday?”

                “Can we make it around 5? Jack and I have a government project to do that day too.”

                “That’s fine. My house? I’ll buy all the stuff we need after school today.”

                “Do you want me to come with you? I feel bad making you pay for it all yourself.”

                “Nah, its fine. It’s just a bunch of cheap stuff from the drugstore.”

                “Are you sure? I’ll pay you back for it.”

                “Alex, its fine. Trust me. Just be at my house at 5 on Friday.”

                “Okay, whatever you say…”

                Friday came quick and as soon as you got home from school you started to clean up the house so it looked presentable to Alex. You finished pretty quickly and it was 3:30 by the time you finished. So you went up to your room, turned on some music, and started your other homework.

                As you finished your math homework you heard the front door open. You poked your head out of your room and saw it was your parents. They didn’t look happy either. As they disappeared into the kitchen you heard keys slam down on the table. They started talking to each other in a hushed tone and you crept down the stairs a bit to listen in. You couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying, but you could tell they were arguing, again. They hadn’t fought in a while until recently and it was always about money. You were worried about your parents fighting and what would happen to them and also stressed about the money situation. You’d been worried so much about it the past couple of nights and it was keeping you awake. You looked exhausted and distant. Your friends were asking if you were okay, even Alex asked if you were okay.

                Alex. You completely forgot he was coming over once your parents walked in. You started to panic. You didn’t want him to see you or your family like this. You glanced at the time on your phone; 4:45. You were startled when you heard your mom begin to yell. You walked silently down the stairs and tiptoed into the kitchen.

                “Uhh mom…dad,” you started.

                “Y/N is it important?” your mom asked rubbing her forehead.

                You glanced at your dad and he was gripping the counter looking down at the floor. “N-no I guess not. It can wait,” you said quietly and went back to your room. As soon as you left the room they started again. You felt tears forming in your eyes and you realized Alex would be here any minute. You couldn’t believe this was happening. They knew you were having Alex over for this project and they couldn’t keep quiet just this once? You started to feel angry at them and tears began to escape your eyes. You laid face down on your bed wishing it would swallow you.

                The yelling ceased only for a moment when the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” you yelled downstairs. As you got off your bed you looked at yourself in the mirror. It definitely looked like you were crying, no doubt about it. You tried to wipe your eyes as best you could and you went downstairs.

                When you opened the door Alex’s expression immediately went from a smile to worry. “Y/N, are you okay?”

                “Yeah I-“ you were cut off by your dad yelling this time. You closed your eyes and tried to imagine it not happening.

                “Come on,” Alex said grabbing your hand. He pulled you up to your room and grabbed the bag of supplies for your project. “Grab all your physics stuff. We’re going back to my house.”

                You quietly obeyed and you both slipped out of your house. If your parents wanted to know where you were they’d call.

                You got to Alex’s house and went straight up to his room. “Clearly you were lying to me when you said you were okay at school the other day,” he said as you sat on his bed.

                “I know…I didn’t want anyone to worry. It’s not their problem. Can we not talk about that? Let’s just get this project done.”

                “Fine. Are you hungry though? I can go get a snack or something.”

                You thought about it for a second; you hadn’t eaten since lunch that day. “Yeah kinda.”

                “Okay I’ll go get some food. You can just chill here for a bit.”

                Alex left the room and you sighed. Maybe you and Alex could be friends. He sure was treating you like one right now. You laid back on his bed and stretched. You closed your eyes for a moment to clear your head. His bed was extremely comfortable. It was nice and quiet with no one else in the house. Before you could stop yourself you were drifting off to sleep.

                You opened your eyes and blinked a few times, unsure of where you were. You sat up and remembered you went over to Alex’s house to work on the project. You looked down to see Alex had the model all built and he was testing it out.

                “Alex…” you said sleepily.

                “Oh hey there sleepy head,” he said with a smile.

                “Did you just do the whole project yourself?” you asked while stretching.

                “Yeah, kinda. I built our model and I tried to work out most of the equations we had to do. You might want to check them since you’re better at that part.”

                You looked at him in disbelief. “Alex you didn’t have to do all that. Why didn’t you just wake me up?”

                “Because you needed a break, Y/N. And I had to redeem myself from that biology project sophomore year.”

                You smiled and hopped off the bed. “You’re the best, Gaskarth,” you said and hugged him.

                “I know,” he said and hugged you back. You laughed at his fake cockiness. “You’re a way better partner than Jack, though. He is literally fucking useless.”

                You both burst into laughter. “Okay, let’s see how useful you are,” you said as you looked over the equations. You couldn’t have been stuck with a better partner.

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