Jack Barakat Imagine: Age Is Just A Number Part 2 - by Erica


Here’s part 2 to this imagine! Part 1 is here if you haven’t read it yet :) Enjoy!

*2 months later*

                Work was definitely keeping you busy. You were writing new articles left and right and your boss was very happy with your work. So happy that he was sending you on possibly one of the biggest assignments of your career: covering Warped Tour. You weren’t going alone though; he luckily decided to send your closest friend, Melissa.

                You were both at your apartment going over all the details for your upcoming trip. You boss gave you all the information you needed and the tickets for each of the shows. Melissa was still marveling at the stack of tickets while you were looking over the lineup. Your good mood was crushed at the first glance at the paper.

                “I knew this was going to happen. Why did I try to convince myself it wasn’t?”

                Melissa gave you a confused look. “What are you talking about?” You handed her the lineup and she instantly knew what you were talking about. “Oh…awkward…”

                “Yeah, just a little.”

                “Well maybe you won’t have to cover them? I might be doing it,” she said reassuringly.

                You riffled through your assignment papers and looked for All Time Low. You and Melissa both were going to be doing an interview with them to be put on YouTube. It was set for the fourth day of the tour too. “We’re set to do an interview with all of them together on the fourth day. Even if we didn’t have that I’m sure I’d run into him.”

                “Well look at it this way, we’ll be together, and it’ll be all four of them. It’s not like you’re gonna be stuck one on one with him.” You sighed and thought about the situation. “Do you have to cover them again?”

                “It doesn’t look like it…I’ve got a lot of the newcomers.” You couldn’t stop thinking about running into Jack again. Would it be awkward? Would he hate you? Would he have moved on? There were so many thoughts swirling through your mind.

                “Do you want to see him again?” Melissa asked. She could tell you were thinking about it.

                “I kinda do. He’s been in the back of my mind for the past two months. He probably still hates me…I just wish I wouldn’t have lied. The truth may have scared him away, but at least he wouldn’t hate me.”

                “I’m sure he doesn’t hate you,” Melissa said rubbing your back. “We’ll just take it one step at a time. Right now, we have a tour to pack for!”

                *1 week later*

                The first days of Warped were going flawlessly. You were getting all of your work in on time and still had time to hang out with everyone. You also hadn’t run into Jack yet, or any of All Time Low for that matter. You weren’t sure if that was a good thing or bad thing.

                However, the day you had to interview the guys was here. You and Melissa were in your hotel room getting yourselves ready and you were mentally preparing yourself as well.

                “Are you ready for this?” Melissa asked.

                “As ready as I’ll ever be,” you replied with a sigh.  You guys grabbed your passes and made your way to the lobby. There you met up with your tech crew for the interview and you all piled in a van to take you to the venue. You showed your passes at the gates to the parking lot where the buses were parked. It took you a little while, but you eventually spotted All Time Low’s bus.

                You found the guys sitting in front of their bus under a canopy as usual. Your eyes wandered to Jack, but, of course, he was wearing sunglasses so you couldn’t tell if he was looking at you or not. Then it hit you, did he even remember you? Did any of them remember you?

                “Hey guys!” Melissa said cheerfully. “I’m Melissa and this is Y/N.”

                “Wait, we’ve met you guys before haven’t we?” Alex asked. You felt a knot form in your stomach.

                “Yeah we did. A few months ago we were at a bar together.”

                “Two months to be exact,” you quietly chimed in. Jack pulled off his sunglasses and glanced at you.

                “Yeah, two months…” he said.

                “Well, why don’t we get this interview started?” Melissa said sensing the tension. She ushered everyone over to the folding chairs in front of the bus. You avoided any and all eye contact with him as possible. “Please do your best to not make this awkward. People are actually going to see this,” Melissa whispered to you.

                “I will don’t worry,” you reassured her. You all sat down and you put on a smile as your tech people set up your camera and sound equipment. It turns out not only were you a great writer, you were a pretty good actor too. You weren’t letting Jack get to you. You all were having a great time and you and Melissa were getting all the guys to talk, even Zack.

                You were actually kind of sad that the interview was ending. The guys were hilarious and you were sure your boss was going to love it. As you and Melissa gathered up your stuff, you noticed Alex and Jack talking and they were glancing your way. You kept your back to them but scooted a little closer to listen in.

                “Dude just talk to her,” you heard Alex say.

                “I don’t know…she probably doesn’t want to. She probably thinks I won’t go for her because of the age difference.”

                “Jack, you’re telling me you didn’t see the look on her face when she walked up? You both remembered that it’s been two months. That’s not something people remember if they don’t want to.”

                “Fine, I guess you’re right.” And at that point you tuned out. You walked over to Melissa, who was already watching back some of the footage with Zack and Rian. You started giggling at some of their responses; they really were some of the funniest guys you knew.

                “Uhh Y/N,” you heard Jack behind you as he tapped your shoulder, “could we talk for a second?”

                “Yeah, sure Jack,” you replied and he led you over to the side of the bus.

                “I’m just going to get right to it. You’ve been on my mind a lot the past two months. I tried to push it away, but it just kept coming back. I couldn’t stop thinking of what a jerk I was.”

                “I haven’t stopped thinking about you either, but you had a right to be a jerk. I’m the one who fucked it up…”

                “No, well…no that’s not where I’m going with this.” He shook his head, “We didn’t exactly meet under the best circumstances. I was wondering if we could kind of start over again. Forget about what happened before and act like we’re meeting for the first time. I’ll be honest, when we talked at the bar I loved your personality and how smart you were. Some girls act dumb to make me feel better about myself and I don’t need that. At that time I couldn’t have cared less how old you were, I just wanted you to be a part of my life.”

                You couldn’t really put a sentence together. He was doing everything you thought he wouldn’t and you couldn’t be happier. “Jack, that sounds….perfect.”

                His eyes lit up and he smiled brightly. “Really? Well then,” he turned around and took a few steps away from you and turned back. “What are you doing back here all alone? Someone your age shouldn’t be in a place like this unattended.”

                You laughed at his act and went along with it. “My age? I happen to be 19 thank you very much,” you said proudly.

                “Come with me, I’ll make sure no creepy band members like that Gaskarth kid hurt you. My name is Jack by the way.”

                “It’s nice to meet you, Jack. I’m Y/N,” you said trying to stifle your laughter. Jack draped his arm over your shoulders and you walked back to the front of the bus. In all seriousness, it felt good to start off right with Jack. Even though it was kind of a restart, it counted in your book. 

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