Jack Barakat Imagine: Age Is Just A Number - by Erica


Okay so this one started to get really long so I decided to stop it where I did and do a part 2! Hope you like it so far :)

                  You’ve always had an exceptional talent at writing. That’s why you now had a full time job working for an entertainment magazine. You were only 18 which was even more impressive. Most of your co-workers were in their early and mid-20s, working so long to get where they were now. Luckily they didn’t care about your age; a good writer was a good writer. Sometimes you thought they forgot that you were 18, and this was one of those times.

                All the writers decided to have a night out at the bar and they, of course, invited you. You said yes and didn’t think much of it. It’s not like they were pushing drinks at you. That’s what you thought until you actually got there. You all sat at a table and they ordered their drinks while you ordered a simple iced tea. Once the drinks arrived, everyone dispersed to different corners of the bar. You and your friend, Melissa, decided to stay at the table for a bit. You scanned the room, half listening to what Melissa was saying. Your eyes stopped when they met another pair. Sitting at the bar was a guy with two-toned hair and you recognized him immediately as Jack Barakat. You tore your eyes away for a second to look back at Melissa.

                “Missy,” you grabbed her forearm to get her to stop talking. “4 o’clock, at the bar. That’s Jack isn’t it?” You let your eyes venture back to him to shoe Melissa where you were looking.

                She stopped mid sentence and glanced over as nonchalantly as possible. “Yeah it is…and he is totally eyeing you up.” She turned back to you and gave you a wink.

                “But he’s like, what, 5…6 years older than me? Like that’s gonna work out.”

                “Oh who cares? You’re just casually talking to him, not marrying the guy.”

                “But think of all the shit that could go wrong…”

                “Y/N, seriously. Just go for it. Live a little.”

                All you could think about was everything going wrong and getting stuck having to write about All Time Low and having to see him again. But before you could protest again he was standing next to your table.

                He cleared his throat, “Hi there, I noticed your drink was empty. I’ll buy you another one.” He threw a cute smile in at the end which made your heart flutter.

                You glanced over at Melissa and she gave you an encouraging smile. “Uhh yeah, sure. Thanks,” you smiled brightly.

                “I’ll go find Morgan,” Melissa said, leaving you with Jack. She smiled and gave you a wink. She looked like she was going to explode with excitement.

                “So, long island iced tea?” Jack asked.

                Your breath hitched in your throat. Oh shit, he already thinks I’m older than I actually am. You didn’t know what to say? If you lied would he get mad? You figured this would be a onetime thing so you just went for it. “Yup! Exactly right.”

                “Okay I’ll be back in a second.”

                As he was walking away you let your mind wander. You had drinks before, but it was in the comfort of your own home. You’d never drink in public before and definitely not with a complete stranger.

                “Here you go…uhh…shit I didn’t get your name,” he said rubbing the back of his neck.


                “Well I’m Jack,” he held out his hand for you to shake it. You shook it and took a sip of your drink as he sat down. You both stared chatting and you relaxed a little. After a good 30 minutes of talking and another drink or two you were completely at ease with him. Almost too at ease. The next thing you remember was walking out of the bar with Jack’s arm draped over your shoulder. He took you back to what you assumed was his hotel room because that’s where you woke up the next morning.

                You had a dull headache as you sat up in an unfamiliar bed. When you looked down you noticed you were wearing only Jack’s t-shirt. You looked around to see you and Jack’s other clothes strewn across the room. You looked over to see Jack was already awake, but nowhere to be found in the room. You tried to gather your thoughts but everything was too cloudy. You knew exactly what happened last night, but you just couldn’t remember it. You began to panic remembering that Jack still didn’t know your actual age. You slipped out of bed and gathered your clothes and changed back into them. You sat back down on the bed and leaned your head against the wall. You sighed trying to think of what you were going to do.

                The door creaked open and, to your relief, Jack came back in holding coffee for both of you. You must have still looked panicked because a worried expression fell across his face. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked as he set the coffees down on the dresser and sat next to you on the bed. His dark eyes looked so warm and caring.


                “You regret it don’t you?” He looked so hurt.

                “No, that’s not…well…I mean,” you were trying to find something, anything to say that made sense. “I wasn’t completely truthful last night.” Telling him you were 21 was one of the few things you remembered and you wish you hadn’t. Before you had all those drinks in you, you were having a great conversation with him. You loved his humor and he really was a nice guy.

                “About what?” he asked pleadingly. You could tell he didn’t want this all messed up either.

                “I…I’m actually younger than I said I was. I’m 18.” Even though you would be 19 soon, it wouldn’t make this situation any better. You felt horrible and you wanted to crawl in a hole and never come out. Jack’s face was expressionless, which just made you want to cry.

                “18? Really? I just…I don’t even know.”

                “I don’t blame you if you hate me,” you whispered out. You were trying to hold back tears.

                “I don’t hate you. I just feel betrayed. You just seemed so smart and mature and I guess I just got caught up in it all.”

                A single tear slipped from your eye as you stared at the bed. “I’m sorry Jack.”

                “Yeah I’m sorry too.” He got up off the bed and walked out of the room again.

You could tell he was angry. It probably would have been less scary if he would have yelled. You gathered up your phone and your purse checking to make sure everything was still there. You walked downstairs into the hotel lobby and out into the morning sun. Your apartment was only a few blocks away, so you decided to walk home. As you passed the parking lot of the hotel, you saw All Time Low’s tour bus. You saw Alex and Zack milling around outside of it. You wondered if you’d ever see them again outside of something work-related, but you quickly pushed the thought of that aside. Right now, you had to forget about them because Jack clearly wanted to forget about you.

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